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Creating a weekly plan can be cumbersome especially when you have to prepare it alone. If you are tired of this routine, then you should check out weekly meal planner FoodOnTheTable. This web app lets you create weekly meal plans and generate grocery lists easily while allowing you to find the best food prices in your local area.

iweekly meal planner

The idea behind Food On The Table is pretty clever. Once you sign up, you just need to set up your favorite supermarkets in your local area and click the food selections that your family regularly eats. Then each week, you will be asked what meal you would like to prepare based on the initial list you made as well as what is available from your local grocery store.

7 day meal planner

You can select your usual recipes or find all recipes within the “˜recipe browser’. Once you have checked off the meals for the week, the app will generate a printable grocery list that you can use when you shop out.

You can choose between free and paid accounts. Free accounts allow you to create grocery lists and plan up to 4 meals per week while premium accounts let you plan meals for the whole week, download recipes, and share your meal plans with your friends and family online.

Food On The Table can definitely increase kitchen productivity and save time and money in the process.

For more info watch demo video below:


  • 7 day meal planner with integrated grocery list.
  • Free and paid plans available.
  • Only supports U.S. groceries.
  • Printable grocery list.
  • Plan meals with your pre-selected choices.
  • Find the best deals in your local area.
  • Similar Tools: NoTakeOut, Yummly, WhatTheF***ShouldIMakeForDinner, and Food Pair.

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