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Deciding what food to prepare is not easy even when you already have ingredients on hand. Fortunately, FoodPair is a nice food meta-search engine that helps you find the right recipe with the ingredients that you have now.

search for recipes based on ingredients

A meta-search engine is a search engine that queries other search engines, allowing you to get an aggregate result of multiple searches by pulling out information from other websites. FoodPair does exactly this in order to provide an efficient recipe search with a seamless interface to boot.

search for recipes based on ingredients

To start, just type an ingredient in the search box. Then you can refine the results of the recipes that match your search. You can click the ingredient buttons with the “˜+’ symbol or directly type its name in the “˜Add an Ingredient‘ box. You can also remove it by clicking the “˜x’ symbol in the “˜Ingredients in this Search‘ box.

Once you have found a recipe that suits your taste and your ingredients, click on the title to view it or save the recipe by clicking the “˜Add to Favorites‘ link.


search for recipes based on ingredients

You can also choose to view recipes from other popular sites such as Cookstr, Epicurious, Food Network, Simply Recipes, and by checking their boxes under the Search section.


  • Search for recipes based on the ingredients that you have.
  • Free; no sign up required.
  • Searches recipes from popular cooking websites.
  • Filter recipes based on number of ingredients.
  • Add more ingredients to your initial search.
  • Similar Tools: RecipePuppy, MyFridgeFood, Cookstr, and ManTestedRecipes.

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  1. Stacy
    May 10, 2010 at 7:23 pm

    ooooh! I like it! I've actually been wondering if such a thing existed... thank you!