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Do you work in design, or any field where you need to download fonts for use on your project? If so, you know that finding top quality fonts is often easier said than done. Plenty of websites offer free fonts, but many of them are filled with ads, and a lot of the fonts are just not of the best quality. That’s where the website FontPro comes into play. It offers a clean interface, and all the free fonts you could ever want to download.

download lots of fonts for free

You will need to create a free account to use FontPro, but the process of doing so is very quick. Simply choose a username, password, and enter your email address, and you will be ready to start taking advantage of the vast amount of fonts offered on the site.

Each of the sections is divided by category, so you can find handwriting fonts, serif fonts, decorative fonts, and so on. When you see a font that will work with your project, you can click on it to get more information, see a preview with more characters, and download the font for you to use.


The website also has a text editor built in, so you can try out each of the fonts right from the site. This makes it so you can take them for a spin, or just do your work with the fonts right from within the browser, depending on what kind of project you are doing.



  • Find, download, and use lots of free fonts.
  • Find fonts by category.
  • See a preview of each font.
  • Use the fonts right in the website’s text editor.

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