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Web FontFonts are special screen optimized fonts optimized for viewing within a browser. Many users find them easier to read than regular fonts. To get an idea of how a webpage will look with Web FontFonts, pay a visit to Font Fonter.

screen optimized font

FontFonter is a free web service that lets you preview websites in Web FontFonts. You start by passing a web URL through the Font Fonter website. Your entered URL is then analyzed and its Sans Serifs and Serifs fonts are replaced according to your preferences. These preferences can be set in the yellow toolbar located at the top of each site preview.

Have a look below at how FileHippo’s fonts were transformed through FontFonter.

screen optimized font

Although FontFonter does not work with all websites or with Internet Explorer, Opera, or JavaScript, it is still an interesting service which web designers should check out. A good number of Web FontFonts options are available that allow a wide preview range.


  • A user friendly website – all you do is give your desired site’s URL.
  • You can choose to replace Serifs and Sans Serifs fonts with the same Web FontFonts or both of them with separate FontFonts.
  • The response time of the website is speedy – you do not have to wait long for the preview to load up.
  • Helps site owners determine whether their site will look better with a Web FontFont than the current font they are using.

Check out FontFonter @

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