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One of the important processes in designing a webpage, no matter how small or big it is, is deciding the types of fonts that’ll appear in the body, header, sidebar, and so on. The Web Font Combinator is a web based tool that can help you preview various combinations of header and body fonts to decide quickly.

The site’s homepage has editable header and body text, and their fonts as well as font sizes can be adjusted using the dropdown menus and horizontal sliders available in the sidebar.

web font combinations

If you don’t like the white background then there are two options, namely Reverse and Punk, at the top of the page that can change the background to black (more of a grayish black I’d say) and yellow plus pink respectively.


  • Preview font combinations for header and body.
  • All kinds of fonts and text sizes available to test.
  • Similar tools: FontFuse, Pentagram, TypefaceProject and WhatFontIs.

Check out The Web Font Combinator @


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