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If you take a keen interest in Google Maps, the first thing that you’d probably look for is your house. Many frequenters of Google Maps always ask when Google will update the street view of their neighborhood. But with FollowYourWorld, you can get a notification whenever Google updates the satellite or street view pictures on a map.

google map changes

Using FollowYourWorld is as easy as creating a Google Alert. You only need to make a search, and align your choice location using the crosshairs in the map. Then, hit the “Select Point” button and hit submit. Google will then send you an e-mail whenever an update to your favorite location is done. You can also manage your list of alerts from the dashboard. However, this tool only works if you have a Gmail account.

Do remember that updates can take months or even years, so you’d just be wasting your time checking every couple of hours. FollowYourWorld is very useful for anyone who want to see the latest updates to Google Maps quickly.


  • Get Google map alerts o changes.
  • Updates when Google refreshes satellite and street view of your house.
  • Manage multiple alerts.
  • Search for your house to set alerts.
  • Alerts sent to your Gmail account.

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