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Because of our busy schedules, we often forget important dates and events. For example some people read emails and plan on replying 2 days later but they forget to do so. To make sure that people do not forget, FollowUp comes up with an easy solution.

follow up email reminder

FollowUp is a simple web app that  lets you set  follow up email reminders online. You can email FollowUp in a particular format and according to that format, you will be reminded of whatever you choose.

Firstly you register your email address with FollowUp. Then you use FollowUp’s email address format for your desired tasks. For example if you want a reminder to reply to an email in 2 days, simply forward that email to If you want the reminder to be in 12 hours, forward the email to

Similarly there are other formats that let you choose specific times; for example will mean you will be sent the reminder next Thursday at 9am.

follow up reminder



  • Set follow up reminders online.
  • Very simple to use.
  • The email address can be added in any field (TO / CC / BCC).
  • Email address formats allow reminders by the day.
  • Reminders in time intervals are also available.
  • You can choose reminders for specific times as well.
  • Can greatly help you in keeping your inbox organized by being reminded of replying to important emails.
  • Similar tools: Memorari, RemindTRON, PingMe, QuickReminders, CalendarDummy, and Urge-Me.
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