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FollowThatPage is a handy online program to monitor web pages for updates. It keeps an eye on the given webpages and sends alerts when they change. FollowThatPage can check each page for changes up to 100 times per day. When the page is edited user receives a report indication what has been added or removed from the page.

online program to monitor web pages

Additionally, there is an option to apply filters and track only a certain block of a webpage or only the lines that contain choosen keywords.


  • Monitor webpages for changes and receive alerts by email when they change.
  • Track multiple webpages.
  • Check each page up to 100 times per day.
  • Receive alerts only on additions and removals.
  • Watch the whole page or only certain paragraphs or lines with particular keywords.
  • Free, sign up to start tracking pages.
  • Similar websites: PageTiki and SparkTooth.

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