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You are trying to find a Twitter user but you don’t remember anything about them except that they had the word ‘blogger’ in their bio. How would you search for them? The answer lies in a little app called FollowerWonk.

FollowerWonk lets you search search user’s twitter bios using keywords. You can also search the location and the Name field by using advances search options. A good way to do a narrow search is to combine more than one search fields such as keywords and location. Another available filter allows you to search for users with specific number of followers or friends. You can also use FollowerWonk to compare two Twitter users over fields like number followers, number of friends and their daily activity.

search twitter bios

search twitter bios


  • Search Twitter biographies, location and names.
  • Restrict results by number of followers or friends.
  • Compare two Twitter users.
  • No registration required.

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