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If you have been looking for an application that helps you visualize a particular Twitter user’s stream, then FollowAs is a wonderful desktop  tool that can help you.

view twitter user

FollowAs is a wonderful AIR-based (therefore cross-platform) desktop application. After installation the program lets you search the Twitter stream according to a keyword. Alternatively you can view a particular Tweeter’s stream. The result is displayed within the application in a user-friendly manner.

view twitter user

The view of somebody else’s stream can serve a number of purposes. You can see who the top people in your industry are following; also, before posting, you can check if people have already seen your content.

To the right of these tweets you can see their tweeting time and a link to retweet them.


On the bottom right you will see buttons to update your Twitter status, refresh the stream you are following, and access the program’s settings. The settings let you show / hide tweets with a @ sign and limit the friend count. You can also specify the age of tweets that the program fetches.


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