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We’ve already taken a look at how creative you can get with Twitter if you’re a literature geek Twiterature - The Art Of Literature On Twitter Twiterature - The Art Of Literature On Twitter You can find Twitter users sharing their poetry, short stories, and even the work of famous writers, all in little bite-sized 140-character updates. If you're not sure where to start on your literary journey on... Read More . If you’re interested in using Twitter to get your creativity out there in the world, start with the creativity worth following on the social networking site. Just as Twitter has become popular among journalists, photographers, singers, actors, and just about every profession imaginable, it has also taken off with the global writing community.

A great place to start when it comes to looking for decent writers to follow on Twitter, is with the literary greats who have really taken to the network. These have found a way to plug their creativity into 140 characters, and have embraced the condensed format that Twitter forces on its users. After all, if anyone should be able to find the best way to express themselves in as few words as possible, it’s going to be the professional writers.

Margaret Atwood

430,235 followers | Twitter style: Frequent retweeter


A real advocate of the power of bringing social media and literature together, Margaret Atwood is a must-follow for any literature geek. The 73-year-old author has been quite vocal about her Twitter experience, and her fascination with the social media experience, and doesn’t think that Twitter is going to destroy the English language. Following her Twitter feed will keep you updated on her career and events, while also giving you a glimpse into what she happens to be reading.

Warren Ellis

504,142 followers | Twitter style: Conversationalist + creative monologues



Warren Ellis’ Twitter feed is as unique as they come, as is his relationship with his Twitter followers. A huge conversationalist on Twitter, you can view just the tweets that he’s tweeting out to his followers by hitting the ‘No Replies’ button. His tweets give you an interesting glimpse into the bizarre and wonderful world that is his graphic novelist’s mind.

Neil Gaiman

1,899,840 followers | Twitter style: Personable


A combination of retweets and original tweets, Neil Gaiman is clearly doing something right. His nearly 2 million followers will definitely agree. His tweets are, for the most part, about his own work, so if you’re not a Neil Gaiman fan, you might not find much here for you. But if you are a fan, you’ll be on top of his latest work, and get a glimpse of where he actually does his writing.

Douglas Coupland

431,470  followers | Twitter style: Creative monologue


The man writing for Generation X has got to be on Twitter right? If you’re familiar with Douglas Coupland’s work, you’ll know that he finds fascinating ways to incorporate modern Internet culture into his stories, so following him on Twitter is a chance to experience a bit of that Internet culture first-hand. Unlike other Twitter novelists, however, don’t expect too much of a conversation out of Coupland. He tends to share interesting links, photos and tidbits of information.

Stephen Fry

6,187,206 followers | Twitter style: Comedy, awareness and more


Possibly the literary world’s Twitter king, with over 6 million followers, Stephen Fry is not for the faint of heart as this exchange with Rick Gervais demonstrates. Be warned, however, not all of his tweets are coming directly from him — at least when he’s promoting something. That said, it would appear that he approves everything that goes out of the account. You can tell when his tweets are personal with tweets about what he’s watching or reading.

Salman Rushdie

635,957 followers | Twitter style: In your face


Not one to shy away from controversy, Salman Rushdie certainly makes his opinions known on Twitter. He is critical of other authors , argues with them, and is also critical of other kinds of social media. While he’s not getting into it with someone or other, Rushdie will keep you informed of his events and work, while tweeting out the occasional Instagram photo.

Joyce Carol Oates

69,184 followers | Twitter style: Original content only


Joyce Carol Oates’ Twitter feed is an interesting combination of musings, politics, and what could be little bits of Twitter creativity. You won’t find any links in Oates’ Twitter feed, with all of her tweets made up of entirely original content or thoughts. Her feed is inspirational to say the least.

Who would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments.

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