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Do you like saving money? Of course you do. Getting something you want for less than full price is always a satisfying feeling. The power of Facebook has given brands a new way of sharing deals with their supporters. However, who has time to watch all these different brands to see when they post good deals? That is where Foibly helps out. It monitors top brands on Facebook and shows you any deals that they post.

track facebook deals

You don’t have to sign up, like anything or give an email address to use this site. You just go to their site and it will show you the newest deals available. The site is new, so they don’t have all the companies they will support in place yet. Still, big companies such as Chili’s, Burger King and Dominos are featured prominently.


In addition to the newest deals, you can also view deals that are getting ready to expire and the ones that are most popular with other users of the Foibly. If you are looking to save money, this site is worth checking out, especially as it grows down the line.


  • Monitors Facebook for money-saving offers.
  • Displays all kinds of deals.
  • Already features companies such as Chili’s, P.F. Chang’s and more.
  • No sign up required.

Find Foibly @

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