FocusMagic: Recover & Sharpen Blurry Photos

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To tune up our pictures we normally seek the aid of various computer programs. Perhaps the most common problem in pictures is out-of-focus or “˜blur.’ The blur effect can be quite counterproductive in case we need to pinpoint something in the photograph such as the number plate of a vehicle. For all our blurry images, we can use FocusMagic.

sharpen blurry photos

FocusMagic is a shareware program that lets you easily  recover and  sharpen blurry photos. It has versions for Mac OS and 32 bit Windows. The Windows version is 1.7MB to download whereas the Mac version is sized at 2.5MB.

Our pictures can have two types of blur: out-of-focus blur or motion blur (due to moving objects and/or moving camera). FocusMagic lets us input a blurry photo and select the type of blur; it then does a remarkable job of removing the blur and increasing the sharpness of the photo. We can also add the tiltshift effect i.e. select a specific part of the image we want to bring into focus.

FocusMagic is a great application to have; it can remove the blur in your photos and further sharpen your existing non-blurry photos.

sharpen blurry photos


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