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When it comes to procrastination, we all have our weaknesses. For most of us, sites like Facebook and Twitter feature highly, and while time-tracking aids work for some people, they don’t actually stop you wasting time.

In contrast, Focus for Mac is a menu bar app that not only blocks online distractions, but also offers motivational quotes if you try to cheat.

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Focus for Mac

When you get to a tricky patch in your work, it is almost an involuntary reaction to go check your emails, or see what’s happening on Reddit. To prevent these lapses, Focus lets you compile a list of the sites and apps that distract you most often, with drop-and-drag organization.

When you direly need to concentrate on the task at hand, click on Focus in the menu bar and set how much time you need. Or you can enter the main app to schedule blocking for your standard office hours. Alternatively, you can also use the global hotkey to stay locked in to your work.

If you attempt to access the banned distractions, Focus replaces the site or app interface with an inspiring quote to keep you going — you can even add your personal favorites. As an added bonus, Focus supports Bash scripting, meaning you can set up custom behaviors.

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