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Plenty of web apps let you upload images, music and videos from your computer to the cloud, but very few make the process as painless as FluffyApp. This small app lets you upload and share all kinds of files by just dragging and dropping to a small icon in your system tray.

The little cloud icon appears in your system tray once you create a free account and download a small app. As soon as you drag a file to the icon, it starts uploading and instantly appears in your web account. You can then filter files by type like audio, video, images, get a shortened URL to easily share them with friends and even track the number of views each file has received.

drag and drop file sharing

Watch demo video:


  • Drag and drop file upload and sharing.
  • Supports images, audio, video, text and more.
  • Create short URLs and share files with friends.
  • Keep track of how many views each file gets.
  • Similar tool: Dial2Up.

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