Flow Free – A Game That Gets The Brain Juices Flowing [iOS]

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2013 01 15 09.11.421 e1358307856767   Flow Free   A Game That Gets The Brain Juices Flowing [iOS]Games are designed to be fun. No matter what other motivations you have when you sit down and play a game, the number one motivator is always going to be having fun. Of course, while fun might be the primary motivator, there are some other reasons to boot up a game as well. Maybe you just want to kill time. Perhaps you are looking to be told an interesting story. Maybe you want to see a world you would otherwise never experience. Maybe you want to get your brain working with some kind of puzzle game.

If you are looking for the latter, Flow Free is a great iOS game for you. It is a simple puzzle game that requires a great deal of thought from the player. The easier levels get you started and from there, you are forced to really think outside of the box, which is great way to keep your brain active while still satisfying the most basic video game need – having fun.

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The gameplay in Flow Free is simple, yet challenging. Your task is to draw lines connecting same colored dots. You have to connect each of the dots to complete the level. The challenge comes from the fact that there is only enough room to fit the exact amount of lines you will need to complete the level. This means you have to figure out the exact path where the lines will not block the other dots from connecting.

2013 01 15 09.11.42 e1358307603433   Flow Free   A Game That Gets The Brain Juices Flowing [iOS]

The game comes with multiple difficulty levels. These are defined by the number of rows and columns. Smaller puzzles are easier, and larger ones are substantially more challenging. There is also a time trial mode that sees you completing as many puzzles as you can within a predefined amount of time. You choose the time length and the difficulty of puzzles and then get to solving quickly.

2013 01 15 09.09.55 e1358307696532   Flow Free   A Game That Gets The Brain Juices Flowing [iOS]

The controls in the game are simple. You just tap the dot you want to draw from and slide your finger along the path to the other dot. The controls never gave me problems, and that’s a good thing, as the game requires enough thought on its own; thinking about poor controls would ruin the experience.

Audio and Visual

The game does not look great, but it doesn’t look bad either. The visuals are just simple grids, dots, and lines of varying colors. There is not a lot I can say about the look of the game, other than to say it works for the type of game it is, and it neither adds to nor detracts from the gameplay experience.

2013 01 15 09.52.29 e1358307732635   Flow Free   A Game That Gets The Brain Juices Flowing [iOS]

The sound is subdued in Flow Free. You hear the sound of water as you connect lines, and that’s about it. There is no music, so you may want to run your own music from your device while playing through the game, unless you prefer peaceful silence. The sound effects that are in the game are good, and they do not detract from the game at all.


2013 01 15 09.11.18 e1358307784809   Flow Free   A Game That Gets The Brain Juices Flowing [iOS]

The game is free, so from a value standpoint, it’s certainly good. You get a ton of levels without spending money, and if you really love the game, there are even more you can download via in-app purchase. Between the built-in levels and ones that can be added later, there are many, many hours of puzzle solving gameplay tucked away in Flow Free. If you love solving puzzles and using your brain while gaming, the value offered here is perfect for you.


Flow Free is a great example of a puzzle game that really makes you work out your brain. It’s challenging, fun, and simple enough to pick up and play in a matter of seconds.

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Javier Vega

I would personally change the category (just my opinion) because this game is also for Android (i’ve played it on my android device).

Dave LeClair

For this review, we were specifically looking at how it works on iOS.


Erin Eymard

Time drain! My little sister is addicted to this game.


Thomas Milham

I play on my Tab, great puzzler :D


salim benhouhou

i tried it on android it’s awesome .


P.s.r Rathod

Great Game…….!!!


Vipul Jain

Yes it is available on Android.
Also once you are done with it, get Flow Free: Bridges, that’s the next level :D

Dave LeClair

Flow Bridges is also really well made.


Ibrahim Messari


David Koffer

This is a good game I just downloaded it! Thanks a bunch!


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