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Men are often clueless about their girlfriend’s menstrual cycles. This leads them to guess why their girl has wild mood swings during these days. If you are one of these clueless men, then you should check out Flojuggler.

This website is a fun application designed to track and notify you when your girl has her period coming up. For added humor, you can actually track the menstrual cycles of multiple women.

girl has her period

Using Flojuggler is easy. Just sign up by supplying your email address and password. You can then start using Flojuggler by typing names of women you’d like to keep track of. Key in their cycle days and length of their menstrual days as your initial data, and the website will automatically e-mail updates to you. At the moment, users can key-in up to 10 names only.

girlfriend has period

Flojuggler is a useful site for men to predict their girlfriend’s moods before they happen. It is also useful for women who forget their period.



  • Free and no installation needed.
  • Notifies you through e-mail.
  • Regular email notifications.
  • Lets you know when it is safe to call her.
  • iPhone app available.
  • Get tips on how to relate to your girl during her period.
  • Similar Tools: PeriodCalculator, Go28days, and PMSBuddy,

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