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People with large Android devices would definitely want to get the most out of them. This can be made possible if you could run multiple instances of the same application i.e. run different windows of the same app. For web browsers in Android, this can be done through a tool called Floating Browser Flux.

floating browser for android

Floating Browser Flux is a free to use smartphone application for Android devices. The app is sized at nearly 350 KB and requires Android 1.5 or later. With this application you get a web browser of which the window you can resize. Each window can have separate browser tabs thereby giving you a full fledge web browser experience. Of course you can always expand the browser to the entire screen for the maximum view.

floating browser flux

Apart from the free version, the app offers a Pro version that includes features of webpage screenshots and independent history maintenance feature. The Pro version also lets you run the browser in multiple resizeable windows, each with its individual browser tabs.


  • A user-friendly phone app
  • Compatible with Android phones
  • Gives you a resizeable web browser window
  • Offers Pro version that lets you run multiple browser windows

Check out Floating Browser Flux @ 

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