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FlixWagon is a downloadable mobile applet that allows mobile users to broadcast and share live video recordings from mobile to web. The service is yet to open its doors to general public, however if you want it asap you can request an invite. Once registered, you will have to download and install FlixWagon applet on your handset.

FlixWagon - Broadcast from Mobile To Web


  • Access, manage and store video broadcasts online.
  • Share your boadcasts with others. Videos can be shared with everyone, specific group of people or kept private.
  • Embed broadcasts on your blog or website.
  • Set-up notification alerts to send emails to friends before every live broadcast.
  • View, rate and comment on live and recorded broadcasts from other members.
  • Note: FlixWagon is a free service, however depending on your mobile contract you maybe charged for data usage.
  • For more details go to FlixWagon Help page here OR take a demo tour.

Check out FlixWagon @ [ ]

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