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Are you thinking of selling books, iPhones, iPads or your old console online? It helps to have a good idea of what it’s worth before setting a price, even if it’s a Buy It Now option on eBay. Despite list prices, things are really only worth what people are willing to pay and thus you shouldn’t do yourself a disservice by getting it wrong. Flipsy is a new service that specialises in estimating the list price for your wares, as well as offering a few places to sell your item 5 Other Sites Like Craigslist to Buy & Sell Used Stuff 5 Other Sites Like Craigslist to Buy & Sell Used Stuff Though perhaps no longer as popular as it was a decade ago, Craiglist remains a popular and successful site. This success has spawned many imitators over the years. We look at five of the best. Read More .

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The service works by monitoring existing sale prices for iDevices, books and consoles on marketplaces like Craigslist before offering a range of prices to consider. Simply enter the ISBN, model or age of the item and Flipsy does the rest, and in some instances even offers up buy-back services to quickly shift your unwanted gear. These services are likely to be lower than the going rate online, but offer a quick and guaranteed sale if you’re in a hurry.


The service takes into account the model, age and condition as well as item-specifics such as the carrier if your device is locked and then offers two prices – a trade-in price and a private party price. The service is specific to the US in that it’s not possible to choose an unlocked iPhone 5 at this stage and the prices are in US dollars, though it provides a good overview of resale value regardless of where in the world you are.


  • Find out what it’s worth before selling for both trade-in and private party sales.
  • Works for iPhones, iPads, consoles and books.
  • Get instant offers for quick sales.

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  1. Keith S
    May 9, 2013 at 9:42 pm

    Thanks for the info about this website! I think we can all use it! Thanks, again!