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Flipboard, the popular social magazine app for mobile users, announced on July 23rd that its socially curated magazines are now available via the web, accessible from any desktop PC.

Flipboard users are able to create virtual magazines by sharing collections of articles and content from around the web. Up until now, after creating a Flipboard magazine covering any topic imaginable, those Flipboard curators were only able to share those magazines with other mobile users. Now, anyone can read Flipboard magazines that are published to the web by mobile users.

The content of these online magazines cover everything from health and fitness to cars and political news. While previously, Flipboard magazine creators could only share their magazines with other users of the Flipboard mobile app. Now, Flipboard mobile users who create a magazine can share them out to family and friends over the web, even if those readers don’t use the Flipboard app.

Anyone from the public can now review user-created Flipboard magazines by going to the magazine view on the Flipboard website, and clicking on the menu icon in the upper left. This opens a “By Our Readers” section where the public can choose from any of the top editor-selected magazines created by Flipboard users.

Flipboard was first launched in March of 2013, in the form of an app that users could use to collect and share articles, images, quotes and more from around the Internet, collated into a single magazine focused on personal interests and ideas. Other Flipboard app users could “flip” through the content that interests them as well. The new web based interface has high-detailed covers and the signature “flip” reading experience that Flipboard has become known for.


Flipboard touts itself as the “world’s first social magazine”, and in launching web access to its growing library of user-created magazines, Flipboard seeks to widen its reader base across the entire Internet.

Source: Flipboard

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