Flipboard Now Available On All Android Devices For Free [Updates]

flipboard   Flipboard Now Available On All Android Devices For Free [Updates]Flipboard, a customized news reader that was available exclusively for iOS devices for a long time, has now made its official debut on the Android Market.

This is not the first time we have heard of Flipboard for Android: The app was previously made available exclusively for the new Galaxy S III, but now you can enjoy it on a variety of other devices. This announcement comes hot on the heels of Google+ integration for Flipboard, making Flipboard into a serious competitor for Google’s own Currents news-reader app.

flipboard   Flipboard Now Available On All Android Devices For Free [Updates]

Flipboard can plug into your existing social accounts, such as Twitter and Google+, and present a customized news feed consisting of stories that might interest you (or that you’ve written yourself, if you happen to be a blogger). As its name implies, Flipboard makes heavy use of “flipping” animations through stories and sections. Flipping is vertical – the screen is split in the middle, and the bottom part rises to reveal the next page or image. This makes Flipboard easy to use with one hand.

On a Galaxy S II, Flipboard’s animations were smooth, and the app generally felt responsive and easy to use. The tight Google+ integration means you can now +1 posts directly from within Flipboard, making the news-reading experience seamlessly social.

Source: Android Market

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Kenold Beauplan

Awesome app. I was using the Beta version for a while and enjoyed it.

Ravi Meena

Google Currents was pathetic on my device (Motorola XT502) , Lets see how this will be :)

Deborah Latham-White

According to Google it is not compadable with my phone. :-(

Sameer N

Its incompatible with my phone :(

Garey Boone

Just what I’ve been looking for one app for social and rss feeds bout time I can’t believe it’s free too.