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The social RSS feed magazine app, Flipboard was the first of its kind for the iPad. Now it’s the first to add audio, via SoundCloud, to its list of features and content. Just as you can browse and read articles, tweets, Instagram images, you can now listen to podcasts, news segments, music, and more.

After you download the Flipboard 1.9 version update, things won’t look that particularly different. But tap on the red search ribbon and then Audio, and you get a long varied list of audio content, including programs from NPR’s Fresh Air, music by the likes of rapper Snoop Dog and Diplo, podcasts episodes from The Fader, TNW Daily Dose, comedian Baratunde Thurston, news programing such Democracy Now, and several dozen more selections.

In addition, if you tap on Accounts and scroll down to SoundCloud, you can subscribe to the massive community of sound creators and posters via that online site.

Thankfully you can also listen to selections in the background while you view other articles or navigate to another non-audio app. You don’t have to flip back through pages to locate the audio you’re listening to; instead, you can tap on the little tune note icon in the bottom left of the iPad screen to access a pop-up menu.



On the iPhone version of the app, the icon appears at the top of the screen when you play audio. To get quickly back to the player, tap on the top white area of the app.

Source: Mashable

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