Fliis: Find Songs And Music Clips Online

Fliis is a music search engine to search and find songs and music clips online. It is powered by the YouTube API with a no-frills user interface. Search for the name of your favorite song or artist to get a list of results.

fliis2   Fliis: Find Songs And Music Clips Online

Clicking on a search result opens the page with an embedded audio player that starts playing the song. There is also an option to open and view the music clip online as well (without leaving the site). The site also enables users to make song playlists.

For those who often shares video or song links with others the site provides short URLs for easy sharing on social networking sites.


  • Search and play songs and music clips online.
  • Make your own playlists.
  • Share songs on social networking sites with short URLs.
  • Embed the Fliis music search onto your blog or website.
  • Available in six languages.
  • Similar websites: Fizy, WuZAM and Cleepr.

Check out Fliis @ www.fliis.com

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