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Flight Memory makes it easy to track the places you have been to. It’s a flight mapping service that maps all flights you have ever taken on a map. Keep track of where you have been and when you flew, how you have flown, your total time in the air, total distance flown, aircraft and airlines types, etc.

To get started, go ahead and sign-up for an account. Once you’re in you can begin adding your flight routes. At the end of it you should be able to view that flight data on the map along with the stats. The map can be shared with others as well. You can even request a high quality poster of it (not free).

flightmemory - flight mapping


  • Flight mapping: Keep track of where, when and how you have flown.
  • See flight routes, total time in the air, distance flown, and aircraft and airline types.
  • Make your flight data public and share it with others.
  • Order a high quality poster map showing your flights (non free)
  • Encyclopedia that contains important terms related to airports, flights and airlines.

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