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Flight delays are always trick to monitor and can be really tiring for regular travelers who stuck in airports. There are services like Flightwait which can tell about air travel delays, but most of them relay on updates from airlines. However, a new web application called FlightCaster goes a step ahead and can warn you of any delays up to 6 hours ahead.

The application uses a patent-pending algorithm that will search for data on every domestic flight for the past 10-years and match it to real-time conditions. It provides you with the probability of delay, the estimated departure and arrival times along with the delay factors.

air travel delays

FlightCaster is currently limited to US domestic flights. Apart from its website, which is free to use, it also features an iPhone and Blackberry app for $4.99.


  • Predicts flight delays.
  • Indicates the probability of flight being delayed, the estimated departure and arrival times along with factors for the delay.
  • Currently the service is limited to US domestic flights.
  • FlightCaster advises to use its service 4-6 hours before your flight for the best results.
  • Similar websites: DelayCast.

Check out FlightCaster @


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