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Foursquare is a cool service to use where you check into places and can even take photos of them with your smart phone. FlickSquare lets you save those photos to your Flickr account so you can view them whenever wherever. Once you go to and authenticate your Foursquare and Flickr accounts, the service then posts any Foursquare images you take immediately to your Flickr account.

The photo on Flickr also contains the name of the venue, a link to your Foursquare check-in and other Foursquare check-in data that you’ll probably never use. Put together by a developer in one day, FlickSquare really bridges the gap between your smart phone check-ins and storing that information on the web. No registration or download required.

foursquare images


  • Automatically upload Foursquare photos to Flickr.
  • Includes venue information and Foursquare link.
  • Access your check-in photos anytime on the web.
  • No registration required.

Visit FlickSquare @

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