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Flickrshow is a simple Javascript slideshow application for Flickr that lets you display the latest images from Flickr on your pages. It doesn’t require any web development skills and works in all modern browsers. To add a slideshow to your page, include the script itself in your page and add the code as shown in the examples on their website, depending on various settings.

You can customize the slideshow to display images from your own Flickr account, from a specific group or gallery, turn autoplay on/off, change the interval time, define the number of images shown per page and other settings. All the available options and methods are shown on their website.

javascript slideshow for flickr


  • Displays slideshows from Flickr images on your pages.
  • Works in all modern browsers including Internet Explorer 6.
  • Works with all Javascript frameworks including jQuery.
  • Display photos from a specific user, gallery, group, photoset or tag.
  • Autoplay on/off.
  • Define interval time.
  • Define number of images per page.
  • Use the script from their server or download your own local copy.
  • Free for non-commercial projects.

Check out Flickshow @Ā 

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