Flickr’s New Photo Page Super-Sizes Images, Looks Like Google+

Flickr offers more than just photo-sharing, but that core feature is getting a lot of love from Yahoo. After giving 1TB of storage for all users, it’s now slowly rolling out a new Photo page for some of its users, which puts the focus on the images, similar to Google+.

The new look turns the page into two panes, where the left is the photo, shown in the best possible resolution and at its largest size. The right is a sidebar (A) with all the information you would need about the image.

Flickr New Photo Page Bigger Images Sidebar   Flickrs New Photo Page Super Sizes Images, Looks Like Google+

(B): You can quickly share a photo on social networks, add it as a favourite, or perform other actions.

(C): You can read the latest comment on the image, as well as add a new one through the provided box.

(D): Information about the photo — such as the camera, EXIF data, photo settings, license, privacy, etc. — is available at a glance. “This is also where you can change the context you view your photo in, whether it’s a photostream, a set, a group, or other exciting areas on Flickr,” the company says.

(E): Clicking the ‘X’ takes you back to the justified view you came from.

(F): To navigate to the previous or next photo, click on the left or right portion of the image, respectively.

The feature is a slow roll-out and users will see a button to check out the new look. “If you haven’t seen a button allowing you to opt-into the new experience yet, stay tuned! We’re rolling it out to more members every day,” Flickr says.

When we last polled, most of you said you would use Google+ Photos over Flickr. Will Flickr’s new Photo page and the 1TB storage change your mind?

Source: Flickr | Image Credit: poolie

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Any idea where the “View All Sizes” option moved? It seems to defeat the purpose of upload full resolution photos if you cannot access them. Thanks! I do like the new layout, it is very Google+ looking, but that is a good thing to me.


Click the “…” then click “download / all sizes”