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Last week we asked you all what you thought of Google+ What Do You Think Of Google+? [MakeUseOf Poll] What Do You Think Of Google+? [MakeUseOf Poll] Google+ has dominated tech news this week, so it's only fair that we ask you all what you think of it. There's some wildly conflicting thoughts on Google+ out there — feel free to elaborate... Read More . It turns out most of you hadn’t tried it yet, but were looking forward to giving it a go. Those of you who have tried it mostly think it’s okay or you love it.

Out of 527 votes collected, readers had the following opinions: 41% voters haven’t tried it yet, but are looking forward to it; 24% readers think Google+ is okay; 22% readers love it; 7% voters are just not interested; 4% readers will leave it until it’s reached critical mass; and 1% voters hate it.

Full results and this week’s poll after the jump.

If you look at the results, you’ll see most people are pretty keen to use Google+, even if they haven’t tried it yet.

This week’s poll question is: Flickr Vs Picasa (Google Photos) – What Will You Use?


With Google+ Google+ Circles, Sparks & All The Rest: What's To Know? [News] Google+ Circles, Sparks & All The Rest: What's To Know? [News] Google have just announced their Google+ project, which integrates social networking features with mobile technology, video chat, easy sharing and things which make everyday life easier. It's a huge step forward for Google, having previously... Read More gaining popularity at a rapid rate, Picasa (soon to be known as Google Photos) is looking like it will automatically become an easy, free choice for photo storage — especially for Android users. Will it sway you? What will you use?

So, tell us more about your plan. Will you use Picasa/Google Photos now? Why/Why not?

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