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Now get more attention for your photos on Flickr. Yahoo’s photo hosting website has introduced a new “improved” commenting feature that allows users to insert photos with comments. The feature is limited to the Web version of the service for now, but with the phenomenon of mobile photo sharing, you can expect the feature to land on Flickr’s mobile app soon.

Commenting with photos works similarly to other social networks. You need to simply copy-paste the URL of the photo you wish to share in the comments box. The photo is immediately displayed, and you can add a text comment in a new line (Shift+Enter) before hitting Enter to post the comment. All comments can be edited and deleted at any time with a click on two tiny icons. Markus Spiering, Flickr’s head of product, announced the feature to the world in a tweet.

Flickr Photos & Comments

Flickr has made quickfire changes as it tries to evolve and remain relevant in the face of social upsurge from the likes of Facebook, Google+, and Instagram. The new feature should make for a richer comment stream,  and help shutterbugs interact more with photos. For instance, a photographer can upload a photo directly in the comment box and ask for feedback. Alternatively, someone can show a better compositional technique and spark a discussion around it.

Is it an unremarkable change? Or does it make Flickr interaction a touch better? We’d like to hear your comments.

Source: The Next Web


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