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Flickr has just added a photo share button to their site that enables members to post and share their photos on Pinterest. Photos pinned from Flickr will be properly attributed, regardless where they are pinned from, just as they are on other sites including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and WordPress.

Flickr says you can pin all public and safe photos on Flickr to Pinterest unless you or another member who owns that photo has disabled sharing. To share and pin a selected photo from Flickr, you click on the “Share” drop-down menu above the photo and select the red and white Pinterest button.

If a photographer doesn’t want his or her photos shared, the share menu will be disabled making the Pinterest option unavailable as well.


All photos pinned to a Pinterest board will include the name of the photographer, the title of the photo, and the link to the Flickr page of the photo. These attributions cannot be edited. Flickr points out on their official blog site, that Pinterest has also gone back and added the proper attribution to all photos that have been pinned from Flickr until now.


Flickr’s FAQ also includes answers to questions about photo sharing and enabling and disabling permissions. It says that photos also may not be shared if they are marked “moderate or restricted,” or if it is a part of a private, friend, and/or family photo stream. But as an owner of your photos, you can pin your photos regardless of their share settings.

Source: TechCrunch

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