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Flexamail is an email based service that lets you access popular sites like Facebook and Twitter right from your inbox. No need to open a browser window!

By turning your inbox into a browser, Flexamail lets you bypass restrictive corporate firewalls and surf the web via email. You can also post images and files online and share them with your friends. To host images or files, you simply need to send them as an attachment to a default Flexamail address.

With Flexamail, you do not create an email address. Rather, the email address you register with provides you access to your Flexamail features. For example, after you have signed up for a Flexamail account, send an email message from your address to and you will receive the latest 20 tweets of your friends in your inbox.

web via email


  • Surf the web from within your inbox.
  • Access Facebook and Twitter from your email account.
  • Host and share images free of charge.
  • Password protect files.
  • Share images and files with your friends.
  • Create and easily access lists.
  • Similar tools: MailMyWeb, WebInMail, WebToMail and also see our related article “5 Methods To Bypass Blocked Sites“.

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