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While science has taught us much about the human body, its social and aesthetic aspects have often been overlooked. Fleshmap is an interactive website that displays the results between body  and sensual desires, in other words the relationship between the body and its visual and verbal representation.

It is composed of three parts: Touch, which explores the male and female perceptions of erogenous zones; Look, which investigates the varieties of patterns in a single body part; and Listen, which looks into the relationship between the human body and language.

sensual desires

Touch shows the places in the human body where men and women like to be touched and the body parts that they like to touch as well. This section even lets you compare between gender and experience (touch and be touched).

Meanwhile, Look shows the different varieties of human chest. It shows the unique representations of the various patterns of male and female nipples.

Finally, Listen points out how body parts are used are used in our language particularly in our various forms of literature. It also shows statistics of which body parts are most frequently mentioned in a particular musical genre.


sensual desires


  • Learn more about the human body based on the results of an artistic study.
  • Compare the body parts that women and men like to touch and be touched.
  • Discover the different patterns of male and female chest.
  • Create your own body rebus, a literary piece that focuses only on words that relate to the body and reduces other text to dots.
  • Request for Fleshmap prints for personal use.

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