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flavorsmehomepage.pngTwittering the other night, I stumbled upon a service called It’s a personal portal website for linking all your content from around the Internet. Which means that visitors to your page will get links to say your Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Posterous, Netflix and other social networking and content sites. It’s a one-stop place where you can create your own free web page to let others know what you’re up to, and what you’re producing.

If this makes you yawn because it seems like just another interconnected social networking site, then you”˜re overlooking the main, well, flavor, of the site. The flavor is like assorted candies because although you don’t need to know a bit of CSS or HTML code to lay out your page, you can completely customize the background, fonts, colors, and layout of the elements of the site. While there are similarities between each flavorme page, you can customize yours enough to make it uniquely your own. is still at a beta invite stage (for my MUO readers however, my invitation code to you is “heat” (without the parenthesis.) After registering and signing in, you’re ready to lay out your page.

create my own free web page

Add Services

You’ll first be asked to add “services” links to your other websites. As you can see, links to most of the popular sites on the Internet. If you’re producing Internet content in the way of videos, blog posts, status updates, travel plans, resume details, and music listening habits, then you’re probably doing so on at least one or more of these sites. For specific sites not listed, you probably can use the RSS service for your custom RSS feed, as I used for my MUO articles feed.

create my own free web page


After developing your list of services, you can re-order them, edit the titles, or remove selected ones if need be. It’s really simply and fast.

View Site & Customize Layout

After adding services, you click on the View Site at the top of the page. You will get a clean generic layout to begin with. Of course, though, because you’re a content producer and not just a content reader, and because you’re unique, you”˜ll want your site to have a unique identity. So you do this by using the Design Panels, accessed at the top-right of the page.

create my own free web page

Adding Background

The Designs Panel begins with the Layout, but I would suggest starting with Backgrounds. Think about how you want your background to look. Do you want it to be a simple one-color page or do you want to use an image background? If my layout doesn’t inspire you enough, do a quick search on Twitter to get links to a growing list of other pages. Each of them are different.

i want my own free web page

As for your background, you can upload more than one image and try different ones. If you use an image background, you might want to start with an image that is at least 880 pixels in size, so as to fill up a typical webpage. You have options of tiling that image to fill up the background, or placing it on the left, right or center. It’s really all about playing around and getting the look and feel you want.


Once you get an image uploaded, choose one of the three layouts for your page. Yes, the layouts are fairly limited, but I’m sure there will be more coming on board in later upgrades. However, these layouts provide a simple, uncluttered, clean look for your page. Making your page unique is based on the fonts and color palettes you use.

i want my own free web page

Fonts and Color Palettes

Selecting the fonts for your site’s name and content list is pretty straight forward. You get about 20 flavors of fonts to choose from for your name. Which one you choose is simply based on the design feel that you want to convey on your page. If most of your content is playful and personal, you might choose a fun font. If you’re using the site for resume purposes, you might select something more stylish and elegant.

i want my own free web page

The trickiest part of the site creation is using the color palettes. You are provided with presets of color palettes to try. But if you have a little time and patience, I suggest clicking on the Edit palette button where you have complete control of what color combinations you want to use. This is where you select the color for your site’s background, title, navigation (services list links), etc. You can save your palette and experiment some more. Too bad, however, you can’t save the entire layout and then revert back to it if you decide to make some changes.

View Site

As you work with your site, click on the View Site link at the top-right of the page to see how it looks. No doubt, you’ll make several changes before you’re completely satisfied.

how can i make a web page for free

So what do you think?  Is this a service you would use? If you get a chance to create your own Flavorsme page, please come back and share it with us on MUO.

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