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FlauntR is an easy to use and image enhancement tool. Upload pictures from your PC (or photo storage account) and apply 100s of digital photo effects to any of your pictures with just one click. No sign-up required.

Flauntr - Online Image Editor and Ehancement Tool

FlauntR Features:

  • Quickly enhance photos online.
  • Import images from PC, Flickr, or other photo storage and sharing service.
  • Work on images in Full-screen mode.
  • One-click Enhancement Tools: Composition frames, Textures and Canvases, Surfaces and Material, Distortions and Lenses, Light effects., Frames, Colorations, Cutouts, Overlays, etc.
  • Save enhanced images to your desktop.
  • Share enhanced images via Flickr / by email / by embedding it on your website.

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