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A number of online causes ask us to donate our money. Whether it is a charity organization or a developer of a program, they all need our support. Some internet users however can only donate a small amount. This poses a problem because often the transfer fee exceeds this small amount and the donation becomes useless. To remedy this, social micropayment platform Flattr was created.

micropayment platform

Flattr is a website that lets us makes online donations to whatever cause we want.

Here is how the site works: we create an account on Flattr and set a monthly amount which we will pay Flattr. Each time we come across an online cause we want to donate to, we can add it to our Flattr account. At the end of the month, Flattr will take our money and divide it evenly amongst the causes we added. No matter how little the amount, the money is donated to our added cause.

For more info watch demo video below:



  • Social micropayment platform for donations.
  • Helps users get rid of transfer fees.
  • Hassle-free replacement for the donation button for your website.
  • Has no minimum donation amount.
  • Divides our money between all our added causes, ensuring each cause gets a share.
  • Similar tool: Givv.

Check Out Flattr @

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  1. maasmeier
    May 21, 2010 at 4:34 pm

    I understand the minimum fee for this to work, but how do they (flattr) think to become a relevant amount of users clicking flattr buttons? If the buttons are anywhere?