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Not everyone was born with a talent for painting and the arts. While others struggle to learn the basics, some people are much better as if it is a common thing to do. Fortunately, Flame from Escape Motion is a simple web app that lets you create gorgeous flame paintings within seconds.

flame paintings

You have several tools available to help you start create your own flame effect. You can change the color palette or color per pixel, modify the saturation and opacity, and set the chaos and noise effects. After you have experimented enough to complete your own picture, you can save your work as a hi-res image or share it in the Flame gallery where you can also view the work of other users.

Try doing some brush strokes and see how cool an artist you can be just by simply choosing a color combination and moving your mouse in whichever direction you like. Indeed, Flames is a fun web app to create nice effects which would otherwise take an hour to do in Photoshop.

flame paintings


  • Free, no sign up required.
  • Users can easily experiment on their designs.
  • Fun and easy to use.
  • Save artwork as hi-res photos (1680×1050).
  • Switch Backgrounds.
  • Upload and view creations in the Flames gallery.
  • Keyboard shortcuts available.
  • Similar Tools:  MyOats, FlashPaint, SketchSwap and XSketch.

Check out Flame Gallery @

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