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FixMyMovie allows you to take those low quality mobile phone or digicam videos and make them better. Automatically improve overall resolution, correct poor lighting conditions, remove the blockiness and more. To get started first you need to signup for a free account. Next upload your video file and start FixMyMovie processing tool. Once it is finished, you can preview the enhanced version of the video, as well as compare the results before and after applying the enhancement. Finally you can download the video to your computer or mobile device. In most cases you should end up with the video that is 4x the resolution of the video you uploaded.

Mobile Video Editing

FixMyMovie Features:

  • Improve quality of low resolution videos taken from mobile phone, digital camera or webcam.
  • Supports almost all video types, however for best results FixMyMovie recommends using original file types (3g2, .3g2, .mp4, or .avi.)
  • Grab high resolution images (screenshots) from any place in the video.
  • Compare original and enhanced versions side-by-side.
  • Preview improved version in “Full screen” mode.
  • Download improved videos to your hard drive or mobile device (i.e. iPod).
  • Automatically push ready videos to your Youtube account.
  • For additional information go to FixMyMovie FAQ page.

[Video] FixMyMovie tutorial on how to grab and enhance images from low quality video:

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