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Yes it’s that time again, it’s time for a roundup of the latest and greatest Twitter apps whizzing their way around the internet.   Some of them useful, some of them just downright weird but nevertheless quite fun and addictive (which means I got no work done and instead wasted all my time on that particular site!).


This is number one on the “weird but fun” list.   “Cursebird” monitors who’s cursing and swearing on Twitter and gives you a feed which constantly updates in real time.

They also provide a bar graph showing percentages of how often certain curse words are popping up on Twitter (parts of the words have been blanked out to protect our innocent readers but I’m sure the rest of you unsavoury uncouth toilet-mouths can work out what the words are).

You can also put any Twitter username into the search engine and it will tell you how often that person curses on Twitter along with copies of all the offending Tweets. So I put myself in (the innocent sweet choirboy that I am) and according to Cursebird :


I have only ever swore twice on Twitter so that apparently makes me swear like “a bad golf player”….OK…if you say so. Just don’t take away my internet access otherwise you’ll REALLY hear me swear!


There seems to be a rash of apps at the moment promising to help you clean up your Twitter lists from inactive users. Twitoria is one, MyCleenr is another (although this one requires entering your password).

Using Twitoria is easy. Just enter your Twitter username, decide how far back you want to go and then it will search your followers to see who (if any) has been inactive during that time period.

Secret Tweet

OK, back to a pointless but fun site again. Secret Tweet is a site where you can leave anonymous secret Tweets which you wouldn’t dare leave under your real Twitter account. Stuff like :

I cried during the Pokemon movie

This morning I wanted to walk in front of the train as it came through town.

I fart in bed and blame it on the dog.

My best friend’s son is really mine. He’s 10 years old now, and I wish I could be his dad in day to day life. I still f**k the mother.

I am afraid to lose weight..the last time I was skinny I was badly abused…

I don’t fear failure, I fear success & the people it will bring into my quiet, controlled little world. I’m a recluse & I like it.

So as you can see, some of the secret Tweets are funny and some of them are extremely serious and heartfelt.

It doesn’t look like you even need a Twitter account to use this site. You can just leave messages by just typing right away without registering. You can also leave comments to the secret tweets either anonymously (without registering) or you can go on the record by linking your comments to your official Twitter account.


This one allows you to Tweet about your upcoming trips and TwtTrip will put together people who are travelling to the same place at the same time on the same page.

This will then allow those people to perhaps tweet one another with a view to maybe getting together when they are all in the same location.

So my girlfriend and I started talking today about the possibility of a short Easter weekend trip to the German city of Cologne to see friends who have recently moved there. So I decided to use that to test twtTrip.

After entering the details, twtTrip creates two pages for you. First, this one which is the one where similar people going to the same place at the same time will be grouped together for possible meetings. Then this one called “where will @MarkONeill go next?” where all my future trips will be grouped together on the same page. I can embed it on my website / blog as a widget.

One thing which I find weird though – my messages don’t get sent to as Tweets! For something that markets itself as the travel version of Twitter and then doesn’t even send your Tweets to Twitter is somewhat ironic.


And I’ve kept the best for last. When Twitter stopped sending alerts to mobile phones, I was one of the many people who was extremely disappointed (OK, pissed off). So Twe2 is a service that I am really enjoying at the moment.

Available in LOTS of countries, Twe2 will SMS you your Twitter direct messages and replies. They will also SMS you any search terms you specify that pop up on Twitter.

The service is free but they fund the whole operation by attaching an ad at the bottom of every SMS.   Come on, you’re getting a free deal here, cut the guys a little slack.

get twitter updates on phone

After being texted an activation code to your phone, just specify how frequently you want to be texted (you can ask for up to 100 SMS messages per hour). You can also specify days and times when you don’t want to be disturbed (such as during the night when you’re sleeping) and if you accidently delete a SMS, you can access a full list of all your messages on your dashboard.

The service works perfectly and using it, it makes you wonder why Twitter doesn’t just reactivate their own SMS service by attaching ads to the bottom of their own SMS’s. Anyway, I highly recommend Twe2 if you are really missing getting Tweets on your phone.

Let us know if you use any of these apps and what you think of them! Also, if you’re not already following MakeUseOf on Twitter, why not do it now?  :-)

  1. Adam Pieniazek
    March 19, 2009 at 1:51 pm

    Hmm...actually looks like twttrip is having database issues right now...bookmarked for later though, hopefully they figure out what's wrong.

  2. Adam Pieniazek
    March 19, 2009 at 1:50 pm

    Great list, love twitoria, especially since we don't have to input our passwords.

    twtTrip looks cool too though I haven't had much time to travel lately, but I'm sharing it with my followers as I know for sure there's a good amount of them who would love that app!

  3. Jonathan
    February 27, 2009 at 4:52 pm

    There's a lot of T's in that title!

  4. Elaine B.
    February 27, 2009 at 7:33 am

    I like it! Stumbled it!

  5. Felipe
    February 27, 2009 at 9:39 am

    About @twtTRIP

    Thanks for including it on your list. Just a couple ofof remarks:

    (1) The trip specific URL is As you said, it will show tweeple traveling to the same destination + Local Tweetups.

    (2)You all trips URL is (the one you added is your admin URL, so I recommend you to change it. If you only have one trip planned (your case), this URL will show the same as the previous one. If you have more than one trip planned, it will give you the list of trips.

    (3)Yes, the comments don't get posted on Twitter (because we'd have to get your usr/pw) to do it on your behalf, but if you tweet during your trip and tag #twttrip, we'll display it on your trip page. So only tweet related to your trip will be grouped and people NOT on twitter can follow your trip!


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