5 Ways To Bypass Torrent Connection Blocking

bypass torrent blockingSince its first arrival, the torrent protocol has evolved into one of the most powerful P2P methods available. But due to many reasons such as copyright infringement or bandwidth abuse, not everyone embraces this convenient way of sharing files.

Many admins block connections to torrent networks preventing the users from acquiring the torrents and/or the files.

But there are ways for the less fortunate to bypass torrent blocking – and here they are :


Let us start with the simplest. Sometimes all the lazy network administrators do is filter the “.torrent” file. Their logic says that if you can’t get the torrent, you won’t be able to get the shared file. Well, yes – and no.

txtor - bypass torrent block

If your problem is only this shallow, you can use TXTor. Basically, the service works like this:

  • you tell TXTor the link to a “.torrent” file.
  • they will download it and rename the extension to .txt
  • then they will give your browser the link to the renamed file.
  • you download the file, rename it back to “.torrent”.
  • open the file using a torrent client and start downloading.

Unfortunately, TXTor can’t help you if your admin blocsk/filters the torrent traffic. The TXTor site suggests users to try to use different ports in the client or encrypt the traffic. But don’t fret. If meddling with ports and encryptions is too much for you, there are other easier online solutions to try.


 bypass torrent firewall

A pure online torrent client and behaves exactly like a desktop one:

  • users put the torrent link in the box (or uses an existing torrent file) then click “Download Torrent”.
  • BitLet will ask where to save the shared file.
  • after users give the location, the download process will start.

bitle online torrent client

But being a torrent client, it’s still possible that the traffic gets blocked by the admin. It might work on your connection, it might not. My tests on several different networks gave me more failures than successes. It’s worth trying, though.

Torrent Relay

Torrent Relay - torrent blocked by firewall

We can say that this is an online torrent client with a twist; accessible via normal browser, iPhone and iPod Touch, Play Station 3, and many other mobile devices. The service has been discussed before.

Here’s the overview about how the service works:

  • users provide Torrent Relay with a torrent link.
  • the shared file will be downloaded to Torrent Relay’s server.
  • users will get a HTTP address to download the file from their server.

torrent relay

The good thing is, this service makes the process of downloading torrents accessible to everyone, everywhere. The bad things are, due to the heavy traffic (as expected from this kind of service) sometimes the process becomes unavailable, and unless you are their “Prime Users” (read: paid members) the HTTP file download is non-resumeable.

I found no problem using Torrent Relay for small files, but if you are downloading large files with an unstable connection, you might consider paying them or the process will become extremely annoying.

If there’s a web service which allows users to download a file from a HTTP address to a resumeable online server, the combination with Torrent Relay would be a perfect option. (anybody know any?)


One of my friends tipped me off about this service. I was not aware that other than image hosting, ImageShack also give users the ability to download torrents. You only need to open a free account with their service.

imageshack torrents

At first glance, this one looks like a perfect one: users download torrents and save the shared files into their ImageShack storage and the shared files can be downloaded from anywhere, and by anyone the users share their files with. The limitation for free users is also generous (considering you can apply for more than one account): 5 GB of storage and 10 GB of bandwidth usage.

But I still haven’t been successful in my trials of using their service. I’ve always been presented with a “try again” screen and options to upgrade to one of their paid subscription options, with more storage and bandwidth, and “prioritized bandwidth allocation”.

But then again, maybe it’s just me. Maybe you will have better luck using this service.

Instant Torrents

Another would-be winner, Instant Torrents was a perfect service. Users sign up, login and put in the torrent file address (or uses an existing torrent file). Then they will download and save the shared file to their server under their user’s account, keep the file(s) for 20 days, and they even seed the file(s) until the ratio reaches 1.0. But as I’ve said before, this kind of service will attract overflooded traffic and strain the servers.

So, Instant Torrents changes the rules. Users have to be connected first to Ivacy Network (a paid VPN service which gives 1 GB free traffic) then go to Instant Torrents dot site version to add torrent files. A bit of a complicated process if you ask me, but users can utilize their private tracker inside Ivacy VPN which provides no real IP address – total anonymity.

As an option, users can search completed torrents in the Instant Torrents site or browse their “Ratings” tab for popular files and download them instead.

instant torrent

So, all in all, I still haven’t found the perfect service along these lines. But if you know other good alternatives that lets you bypass torrent blocking, or just want to share your experiences, please use the comments below.

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I’ve always liked torrent2exe.com. Enter in your torrent address and it will let you download a stand alone exe that will download and seed the file, for as long as you want.

Granted if you have an admin that is blocking torrent files, they probably block unknown exe files. But I can’t tell you how many times this has saved me when I’ve need to use BT at work, since I don’t think they would appreciate me installing a torrent client.

Anti Torrentexe

Watch out! I tried once torrentexe and all the exe files downloaded where matched as virus by a wide range of antivirus in Virutotal.com So Its not an option for me (I can´t trust it). It can be a lame or just a false positive but i´m not taking the chance.
One more thing: I would add http://www.fileswire.com/ to the list (another P2P Web based Client)



You have just contributed to a drastic increase in network traffic on every college campus.

Thank You.


like your gaming doesn’t use any bandwidth idiot. besides, universities have plenty of money from us to continue accommodating our selfish desires.



I’ve always liked torrent2exe.com. Enter in your torrent address and it will let you download a standalone exe that will download and seed the file, for as long as you want.

Granted if you have an admin that is blocking torrent files, they probably block unknown exe files. But I can’t tell you how many times this has saved me when I’ve need to use BT at work, since I don’t think they would appreciate me installing a torrent client.

Jeffry Thurana

Thanks for the tips. I’ll look at Torrent2Exe.



Using torrenexe.com, is it possible for someone to monitor the torrent file directly to a user’s IP address?



I’ve tried all of them; none works for me.



Or if you have the money, invest in a good seedbox. Btw, concerning imageshack’s service..


xje4bv: look at the comments, that article is not accurate. Any torrent (public/private) can be seeded to 150% at imageshack, whether the account is free or paid.



I really think you should have added furk.net…definitely the best and most powerful of those! Just not free..


alex smith

I always thought that a firewall and a virus protection program like Norton would provide full privacy protection. vpn has added to privacy by securing the connection between my computer and destination :)!



Well, my school’s blocking has you all beaten. I can’t get anything related to a torrent through. Any help?



One way to dowlnoad torrent is use somthing called SSH tunnel. If u have some experience with unix, then u can set up one to another computer (home?) , forward the ports to your machine via the tunnel and u’re ready to go.

However, if u lack an outside computer as i do, u need to find sth more inventive.
Has anyone had any experience with tor and privoxy to bypass firewall?


I use VPN tunnel to unblock torrent downloads. Two months ago my ISP started blocking P2P an I found the solution for 4.99 USD per month.

There are many VPN providers like blacklogic, strongvpn etc. the price is too high I think. I use


which is the cheapest solution that I found. They give you public IP address and hide all torrent downloads to the Tunnel, so my ISP is not able to block my downloading any more. Moreover you are not behind firewall so you can be ACTIVE. If you want to try it, there is a 3 days free trial I think, so try it first for free.


imageshack torrent

Thank you for your advice.please do keep on posting more about torrents.



I think the best one right now is filestream.me. Though it gives you only 1GB per torrent(still its enough) ,it downloads super-fast and has no blocking or throttling.

P.S Sorry for my English.

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