Five Free Temporary Email Services To Avoid Spam

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temporary-email-servicesThe internet is filled with junk. One of the most common pieces of junk is spam. Many of us are bombarded with spam every day and hate it. Although there are a few email providers that provide great spam filtering services, sometimes that just isn’t enough.

Maybe you need to fill in an email for a one-time registration that, you are sure, will only lead to spam. That is where temporary email services come into play. Today we will talk about 5 of those that I highly recommend.

Here they are (in no particular order):



Mailinator is definitely one of my favorite temporary email services. Besides providing the standard temporary email, Mailinator offers RSS feeds, a widget for use on your website, the ability to delete messages – just in case someone else is using the same email, alternative emails for each individual email, and 7 domains to use that all redirect to the same email (just in case someone inconveniently blocked


YopMail has a more advanced user interface than most other temporary email services that makes it look almost like a realistic webmail. Of course there are many features, including: RSS feeds, ability to delete messages, widgets, a realistic email viewer (with all of the functions of a full blown webmail), and the ability to send messages to other @ accounts. Read more on Yopmail at here.

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mintemail - temporary email service

MintEmail is another extremely simple and easy to use temporary email service that definitely makes temporary email fast. Simply click “Create New Mailbox” and immediately you have a new, randomly generated temporary email address for use anywhere on the web. Emails are kept for 3 hours, but can be easily extended. Another great feature of MintMail, is the ability to forward emails to any other email address for a certain amount of time to get only the few emails you need without having to constantly check MintMail.


filzmail-temporary emails

FilzMail offers the standards of many temporary email services with RSS feeds, clean interface, and a long-lasting email – in comparison to other temporary email services (24 hours). You can either set your own temporary email address or get a randomly generated temporary address that is automatically updated.


10MinuteMail offers users the ability to use a randomly generated, free 10 minute temporary email address that should definitely fill the need of a fast, simple, and one-time temporary email address quite easily (and it automatically updates too!).

What do you use for that quick temporary email service? Tell us in the comments!

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Anne H

These email providers can be useful when you have to give an email address, but don’t wish to use your main one. I do use them if the company’s privacy policy looks like they routinely sell their email addresses or the site doesn’t have a privacy policy.



What about Trashmail. With a Firefox plug in it couldn’t be any easier to use. Do any of these others have FF plug ins by chance, not that I’m looking to switch – just curious)?

Will Mueller

Ya, checking that out right now, looks great. Thanks for pointing that out.


Michael Lockyear

I use gmail (or google apps for domains). Spam very rarely makes it through there filters…and I’ve subscribed to many sites.

Will Mueller

Agreed. I use Gmail as well – it has a great spam filter. Thanks for pointing that out.



I like 10MinuteMail, it gets the job done

Simple Simon

On a slight tangent, when you need more than a temporary, but still want to track where/why SPAM is happening, use a unique but real email for each company you do business with.

If you own your own domain with catch-all e-mail services, you can create a new address when needed. If you start getting SPAM at that address, you KNOW who gave your address out, so you quit doing business with them and redirect that address to their customer service department. :) :)



No registration! A lot of domain names you can use for your fake email address. Can be integrated into Firefox. Check it out yourself. I really can recommend this service.

Will Mueller

Thanks, that site does look cool. I will have to check that out.


Tharpa Roberts

I think Sneakemail deserves an honorable mention. With Sneakemail, the emphasis is on disposable rather than temporary. You can create as many addresses as you want; when you start getting spam, you can delete that address. Up to 10 MB free per month.

Daniel Bragg

I want to give a second vote for Sneakemail. It offers two things that I haven’t seen in other temporary e-mail services:

1) an automatic “no extra steps required” way to generate an e-mail address (I can offer without any extra steps at all, and it still protects my main e-mail address), and

2) within the email address itself are any necessary instructions for address self-destruction ( will self-destruct after receiving 5 e-mails, unless extended using the web service).

This gives you the best of no-hassle temporary e-mails, with a very easy and clear way to see who’s been using or abusing your e-mail address. Never again do you need to question _where_ that scum-sucking spammer got your mail address from – it’ll be clearly understood when you receive the e-mail.



Thanks for your share!
I have translated it to Chinese, hope u’ll not mind.



You haven’t mentioned the grand-daddy of ‘em all – Spamgourmet.



These sites are completely useless when you have this Firefox addon called bugmenot – . If you don’t use Firefox dont worry, just go to the website – . Much better then all these sites and better yet create your another email instead of these temporary mail stuff because like the title says it’s only TEMPORARY.

Will Mueller

I have seen BugMeNot’s temporary email service, except I believe it has been shut down (


That’s not the point. The point is that, instead of making a temporary email account to create an account on a questionable-spam-status site, you can use a bugmenot account to login to the site, skipping *any* kind of registration.



One of these sites needs to have a browser toolbar, if I was going to use this kind of service I would use it quite regularly and I wouldn’t want to have to go to the website each time. Ones like the 10min email would make a really good toolbar, just a button you click, it randomly generates the email, displays it and then automatically loads it into the clipboard to be pasted in the forum your using it for. So its only one click away, if it was lightweight (I don’t see why it wouldn’t be) and junk free I would prob use it all the time.



howabout ? My favorite.


Devon Hillard

Thank you for mentioned my site,, in your review. 10MinuteMail is designed to be secure (there is no way for anyone else to read e-mail sent to you, unlike many of the other services), easy to use (currently you can use either a single click or just Ctrl-C to copy the e-mail address to your clipboard and go), and simple. It’s not for everyone, but it is handy.



I use although they have recently reduced the length of up time for each address

Alternatively yahoo allows you to set up temporary addresses through the options menu. You can then delete the address if you start getting spam



I use, or one of it’s other sites. Creates the mailbox upon arrival of message. Make up whatever you want as you go.



I’m content with Plus it has more features than some of the others.



Real useful! Bookmarked!



The problem with these are they expire at a predetermine time.
Often you want the option to keep using the address, and turn it off only if it becomes corrupted.
Check out for that

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