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Are you struggling to create a proper workout schedule? If yes, then you can get much valuable help from a site called FitnessBliss.

create workout routine online

FitnessBliss is a web service that helps you create your own workout routines online and keep a track of your fitness progress. You can start using this website by creating an account on it. After you sign in, you specify your gender, your workout place, and your fitness aim. You can then begin adding workout routines in which you can add exercises from the website’s database.

With each exercise you can view which muscle group it focuses on. You can specify the number of sets and reps with each exercise and order each exercise in your schedule. You can create multiple routines and manage them in whichever way you want. Drag and drop cardio exercises along with weight exercises can be placed in a separate section to keep things organized.

For each day you can specify the actual reps and sets you did. This way you can create a log of the exercises that you actually did. You can track your overall progress anytime by signing into your account.



In case you want to work out at home, the website provides you with a list of recommended workout equipment that you should buy. Clicking on the link to the list opens up a list on Amazon that the site has created.

For Google Chrome users, the site offers a browser app for greater accessibility.


  • A user friendly web service.
  • Lets you create workout plans for yourself.
  • Factors in your gender and fitness aim.
  • Lets you create multiple workout routines in which you can add exercises.
  • You can add custom reps and set for each exercise.
  • You can track your progress through the site.
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Check out FitnessBliss @

Check out its Chrome app @

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