FitDay: Online Diet & Weight Loss Tracking Journal

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FitDay is a popular online diet and weight loss tracking journal with over 2.2 million members. It lets you track and achieve your long-term fitness goals based on your daily foods and exercises. It analyzes this information and shows your daily calorie intake (fats, proteins, carbs), weight loss from each activity, long-term diet analysis and more, viewable on easy-to-understand graphs and charts.

Sign up and use it online or from your computer by downloading the desktop version, which is more convenient, faster, works offline and lets you view more advanced reports

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Note:  After you sign up, you can skip the sponsor page and sign in from the homepage.


  • Free online diet journal.
  • Used by over 2.2 million members.
  • Enter your daily foods and exercises and get detailed reports on calorie counts, weight loss etc.
  • Contains nutritional information for 1000’s of food items.
  • Use it online or download the desktop version (lets you view more advanced reports).
  • Free, sign up online.

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Good info on this blog. Question for anyone here though.
I am trying to add the RSS feed and this is about the 7th blog that shows up blank,

So anyone else using the firefox plugin Simple RSS Reader with ff 3.5?
If so does the feed here show up for you?


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Thanks very much for that nicely written entry.

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