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Having a goal is one thing, and achieving it is completely separate. More than often the bridge between the two is a well-thought action plan. Fitango is a web service that helps you achieve your goals by providing you with expert-created free action plans.

Categories range from nutritional and fitness to spirituality and savings. Once you browse through and select an action plan that suits you, you can start on that and even invite friends and colleagues as motivators. You can check off each step as you complete it, track your progress and post comments for each step. You can also share the action plan on social networks and submit your own expert-created action plan to help others.

free action plans

For more info watch demo video below:


  • Professional action plans for your goals.
  • Step by step instructions and progress tracking.
  • Invite friends and family to join your plan.
  • Share on social network and post comments on each step.
  • Choose plans from wide range of categories.

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