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Whether you maintain a full sized fish aquarium or a simple fish bowl with a single goldfish, you will need to learn to take care of fish if you want yours to survive. What to feed your fish and aquarium cleaning techniques are only a few of the things a fish owner should know about. On FishProfiles, you can view all tips on taking care of your fish.

taking care of fish

FishProfiles is an online forum which users can register and interact on for free. You can find discussions on various fish related topics, from discussing your aquarium problems to reporting any weird behavior your fish is exhibiting, these forums cover everything.

In addition to the forums, the site is also a great informative tool for fish enthusiasts. Many fish types are profiled and can be browsed on the site.

taking care of your fish

A collection of aquarium related articles can also be found. These articles detail a number of concerns current and potential aquarium owners might have. Users can submit their own articles too.


The site’s FAQ section answers a number of vital questions; the FAQ section addresses almost everything you will need to know to run a healthy aquarium.


  • A brilliant online forum for current and future aquarium owners.
  • An informative website for fish enthusiasts.
  • Profiles many aquarium fish.
  • Provides tips and advice to maintain your aquarium.
  • Contains informative articles on aquarium fish.

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