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To-do lists are a great help in remembering and organizing your tasks and chores. If you cannot recall what you need to do next, a quick glance at the list can remind you of the task and save your time. FishMemory is new easy to use tool that you can use to create such lists and make your days more productive.

After creating your account you can easily start creating lists and adding entries to them. In addition to to-do lists, you can create any list, name it and add entries.

easy todo list

The lists can be printed out, shared, or exported to a CSV format to be used in Excel. When all tasks on the list have been carried out, you can mark it as complete and move on to the next list. Reminders and notes can also be attached to each list for your convenience.


  • A very user friendly to do list creator.
  • Lets you export lists to Excel.
  • Lets you mark lists as complete, when its tasks are completed.
  • Reminders and notes can be attached to lists.

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