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Opening Notepad or any external note taking application while browsing the web can be inconvenient as it wastes precious time. Many addons and extensions for browsers try integrating the note taking feature into the browser. Such a tool is fireNotes and it stands out from the crowd.

fireNotes is an addon for Firefox. It installs quickly and without any hurdles. Once it is up and running, users can press the hotkey shortcut (CTRL + Y) to display fireNotes’ toolbar which appears right below the bookmarks toolbar.


From this toolbar we can choose to add as many notes as we want. Each note has a title and a body. We can fill the note with a URL of a website to have it always available when we open fireNotes. We can also enter the URL of a RSS feed; fireNotes then retrieves new information from the RSS feed and shows it to us.

Our notes can be categorized into tabs which can also be named. The addon also has a search bar right next to the note tabs; the search engines we can use through fireNotes include Google, Bing, and Wikipedia.



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