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It seems like Firefox gets minor updates at least once a month, but this time it really has released the full version of Firefox 13, which has been in beta since April of this year. The upgrade features numerous new UI features and improvements, which will help keep it among the top three web browsers.

Mozilla’s cross-platform Firefox 13 sports a revamped Homepage with a cleaner interface and menu items at the bottom of the page for Downloads, Bookmarks, History, Add-ons, Sync, Settings, Restore Previous Session. Note, in the previous version of Firefox, all tabs automatically restored by default. Now you get the option to restore or start a new session.

Tabs are above the URL/Search-field and, just as the last version of Firefox, the action of right- or Control-clicking on individual tabs and selecting “Pin as App Tab” places them over the left side of other opened tabs. There’s also a handy bookmark button on the right side for perhaps quicker viewing, instead of reaching up to menu bar. A dedicated Home button also has been moved to the right of the search-field.

As with Chrome, you can now type URLs and perform searches in the same field. The keyword entries you type will bring up selections for suggested URLs in your history and bookmarks, as well as matches for existing opened tabs.


The new update also includes SPDY technology (also built into Google’s Chrome) which is automatically enabled and is supposed to give the browser a significant performance boost.

What do you love about the new Firefox 13?

Source: BetaNews

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