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We’ve already given you 7 reasons you might consider upgrading to Firefox 4 7 Reasons You Might Consider Upgrading To Firefox 4 7 Reasons You Might Consider Upgrading To Firefox 4 Read More , so if you’re eager to try out the latest features, the release candidate is now available for download. The release candidate has been available for a few days, and for those of you who didn’t want to install the beta, the stability the latest version offers is reason enough to take the plunge.

With changes made both to Firefox’s appearance, as well as countless changes under the hood, there’s a lot worth trying out in the release candidate.

Changes have been made to Firefox’s appearance, specifically changing the tab location, to above the address bar. (Chrome anyone?)

A unique new Firefox tab feature is the ability to pin tabs to your browser. This comes in handy for websites you tend to keep open all the time, such as webmail, and is just one of a few features which will appeal to users who’s online life is in the cloud.


Another useful in-the-cloud feature is the synchronisation feature, all of your your Firefox data – from settings to passwords, from history to open tabs – can be available to you on all of your devices, including Android and iOS devices, through a Firefox sync server.

The release candidate also launches a revamped add-ons management centre, with an updated slick interface making it easy to search for and install Firefox plugins.

Under the hood, you’ll find that Firefox 4 RC is faster than any previous version – at least 3 and a half times faster than previous versions according to tests.

In addition, Firefox 4 RC features HTML 5 support, enhanced privacy settings, and crash protection, meaning when Adobe Flash, Apple Quicktime or Microsoft Silverlight plugins crash, you can reload the page without having to restart Firefox.

If you want to give Firefox 4 RC a try, head over and download your copy now.

What do you think of the latest Firefox version? Would you ditch your preferred browser in favor of Firefox 4? Let us know in the comments.

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